What Is Feminine Power and How to Release It

We live in the era of strong women. Women whose main power is leadership, assertiveness and open position. Women who tend to be independent and do things on their own. But sometimes it means that we lose that feminine energy and start to forget how to feel ourselves women. It results in our constant stressed and unbalanced feelings. We become rigorous. We find it difficult to communicate with others and begin to see other women as threats.

Showing more male qualities we also attract more feminine associated men. Men who lack courage and self-confidence. All that doesn’t work properly because everything requires balance in this world. And male and female qualities are no exception. In other words, let yourself be a strong and independent but please, don’t forget that you are woman first and feminine power you have is tremendous. 

Tips to awaken your feminine power

  • Treat yourself and be ready to receive. Being women, each of us has the power of giving and receiving. Love a woman, she will love you back. If you tell a woman you hate her, you know what will happen. Let yourself not just give but receive and receive more. There is nothing weird if you ask others for support, help, advice or any favors,  treat yourself and make receiving vitally important.
  • Adorning your space with anything that brings joy to you can actually be helpful. This can be art pieces, decor, or beautiful fabrics and colors. Moreover, you can bring some beauty to your wardrobe. Each of us has their own sense and meaning of beauty and it can even change every day. Wear small simple dress with delicate sandals or rock a bright pair of heels with a skinny leg pants if you feel feminine in them. Find your own definition of beauty and try to notice how you feel after.
  • Enjoy the physical pleasures in life. I’ve said many times before that your body is very important. It is your temple and should be treated like the very precious thing in your life. Practise things that feel good physically. You can try any pleasure aimed to awaken your feminine energy like massages, yoga, dancing, etc. By the way, the last one is a perfect practice which can help you get out of your head and get into your body. Turn on your favorite song and start off by closing your eyes and sensing what it feels like to be in your body. There are no rules, just do it exactly how you and your body feel and want.
  • Practice sensuality. By this, I mean to get out of logical thinking and try to connect to your body more. Any activity can become sensual if you’re involving all five senses to it. Feel the warm water against your skin, smell your favorite aromas, try to focus on hearing the water splash, etc.
  • Be creative. Did you know that the feminine craves creativity? It can be anything you enjoy: singing, dancing, painting, even cooking or writing – just any kind of action that involves creativity. Expand your mind and try to find your own way of creating something out of nothing.
  • Make pleasure your priority. Being a woman, we have a great impact on everyone and everything around us. So be sure, making this world a better place begins actually with us. Let yourself be a ray of light in other people’s life. If you practice doing things that makes you really happy more often, it will help you get to a place where you can bring happiness into other people’s lives.
  • Do nothing. Choose one day when you are free and have no plans. Give yourself a self-care day. Just allow yourself to do whatever you want. I’m sure you will like it!

If you do these feminine practices regularly, you’ll feel more shining, full-fledged and satisfied and you will attract your wishes more easily to your life. It will let you to take up your male energy when you’ll need it without feeling depleted. 

When we develop our feminine energy, we cultivate the world generally. By awakening our feminine energy we can actually attract success to us and be more prosperous instead of constantly feeling unhappy. So why not make yourself feel a woman sometimes?