What Nobody Tells You about Pregnancy

Nine months when you gestate pregnancy are full of surprise. Some of them are weird, some of them are totally strange. Here you can find everything that you wanted to know about pregnancy but were afraid to ask.

Babies cry in the womb

Don’t be scary. Your baby starts crying long before birth. Studies have shown that it happens at about 28 weeks. Scientists believe that this is a way babies practice communication for when they are born, rather than a reaction to feelings.

All you can think about is your baby

If only you could imagine how much time it takes to choose and check all the things you’ll need for the baby. Your mind is constantly absorbed with the nursery, the clothes, the gadgets, etc. And no one warned you that you should prepare yourself too. For example, you need to buy all the nipple cream tubes in the world before the baby birth because you won’t have time for that in the nearest future.

You become bigger than you think

Somehow pregnant women forget about their size and misjudge the length of their front end and run into things with the bump as they pass. Yes, that happens too. Sometimes I feel so happy to know it’s hot outside because I can’t get into anything.

You think you are the worst mom ever

The strange fact about pregnancy is that you think that you will be a bad mother and you won’t be able to cope with your child and his raising. You are always racked with remorse!

Seems like your body becomes public property

People around and even complete strangers start talking about your body and all its changes constantly commenting and advising. And everyone feels like they can touch you and your belly without asking permission. Really annoying thing.

Your feet get bigger

Many women notice that their feet got bigger during pregnancy. It’s all because of water weight and other extra fluid. Your feet can grow up to one full size. And yes, some women experience staying that size even after their baby is born.

Forget about shoes with laces

The only footwear you are able to put on is flip flops and mules. Say bye to your favorite strappy and lace-up sandals.

You can experience change in hair color and skin tone

Pregnancy affects the pigment in your skin. You can find new specific spots on your face, especially in the area of the forehead, nose, chin, cheekbones and eyes. The color of this pigmentation depends on the mother’s initial skin color: fair skin becomes darker and dark skin becomes lighter.

Pregnancies may differ from each other

Your pregnancies can be absolutely different. For example, during the first pregnancy you can be active waking up early, drinking coffee and keeping training. And during the second one you can feel very tired all day long and the only thing you can do is sleeping. It’s exactly my case.

Be ready to upsize your bras

No one can foresee how your breasts can increase during pregnancy. They may increase and increase till the size you don’t expect so that in the end you have to go to a specialty shop to find a bra that fits comfortably. Your other body may keep the same size as pre-pregnancy but the boob inflation can be a real surprise.

You begin to love your body even more

Pregnancy is the first time of your adult life when you can actually love your body, enjoy all your curves and be proud rather than ashamed of your round belly. By the way, I’ve noticed that being pregnant I get more compliments like I am in a great shape than when I had abs and muscle tone. And of course, looking at my pregnancy photos I see that all those hard trainings were not for nothing.

Ladies, remember it’s important to persuade yourself during pregnancy that you are absolutely normal and there are no extra hormones inside. Don’t think you look silly when you eat salami with marshmallow. It’s ok! 🙂