The Best Ways To Reduce Leg And Belly Fat

It often happens that lots of girls feel uncomfortable and want to change certain areas of their body, be it hips, thighs, belly or any other, and want to lose weight in concrete area. I don’t want to make you feel sad about that but it’s not possible to lose weight in just one area of the body. There’s no such thing as a quick area treatment that can help you target your legs, your tummy or any other area of your body.

What you can and should really do is to develop a training routine that will help you get rid of overall excess body fat. Of course, you can focus on exercises that will tone and strengthen certain areas of your body but at the same time they will reduce body fat overall and and help you feel healthier day by day.

Where does body fat go when you lose weight?

If you have extra weight, it means that you’re taking in more energy (remember, that calories are energy units) than you’re using. And this extra energy is stored all around your body.

Your body uses energy not only when you’re active. When you’re resting too as your heart needs energy to pump, your lungs need energy to breathe and so on. Even when you’re eating, your digestive system needs energy to break down and store food.

Any physical activity or a strict diet create calorie deficit. That’s why your body starts using energy that has been stored before. Any food (involving oxygen) split into three parts: water, carbon dioxide and ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP equals energy. There is always some amount of energy in your muscles and it is used whenever required. That’s why your muscles may tense without any warm up and without oxygen increase in your blood as it all happens due to deep breathe. Energy, stored in your muscles, is burnt quite fast. And for creating new energy, your body uses other sources of energy in priority order:

  • carbohydrates, stored as glucose in blood and as glycogen in liver and muscles
  • fats, stored in blood, muscles and as a subcutaneous fat
  • protein, tissue protein

This process occurs in your body every time you breathe deeply during working out. At the same time you exhale carbon dioxide which is a byproduct of real weight burning (in other words, fat) that we lose. And if you ever wondered where all the body fat goes, now you know – we exhale it.

Training is the key to weight loss. But again, understand that when we are working out, exercises take part in the whole body and not in a certain area of it. There is no such an exercise that will help you reduce fat in one area of your body. 

When we train, we spend energy and not the fat from one area of the body where we want to lose weight. Again, the process of weight loss occurs in the whole body. Remember that everyone’s response to exercise varies. For some people it may take more time, so please, always be patient.

Tips to reduce fat correctly

If you want to reduce your body fat and do it properly, take into consideration following recommendations.

  1. Proper nutrition. I’m ready to say a hundred more times that keeping a varied, healthy and balanced diet will help you to achieve your goal about the body you want. And of course, it’s not only about your body but your overall health.
  2. Training not only certain area but the whole body. When you have a full-body workout, you train every major muscle in your body and engage many of muscle groups in one movement. You improve your overall body strength rather than just in one area. And of course, overall health.
  3. Cardio. If you want to reach the results more effectively, then you also should add aerobic (cardio) exercises to your training routine. It’s such a kind of exercises that increase your heart rate and breathing rate. It can be running, cycling, swimming, boxing or even dancing. You just choose the most appropriate option for you.
  4. HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) is also a good option. And you’d better choose this kind of training as it’s very helpful if we talk about burning calories. It involves short bouts of movements or exercises with all-out effort followed by the same exercises performed at a lower intensity. A good example of that if you want to try it: go for a walk at a normal pace and alternate between walking and sprinting for one minute throughout your workout. Just think of comfortable shoes before the walking, Ladies.

Working out strengthens our muscle core, makes us stronger and guarantees us more endurance. Exercises on routine basis make us healthier. And if you decide to work out to lose weight, it’s better adopt a comprehensive approach to this question.

Ladies, all I want you to realize that working out is the best thing you can do to increase your chances to live a long and healthy life, avoiding diseases. Keep in mind, there is no magic method to lose fat in one are. Weight loss occurs in the whole body. And it always requires some effort and commitment. Don’t forget about healthy eating habits too. Combine and balance it all and enjoy your new lifestyle.

And remember, whatever you do, you do it for yourself!ё