Reasons to Avoid Workouts While Sick

Workouts on a regular basis is a good way to keep your body healthy. Regular exercises help not only keep fit and decrease the risk of chronic diseases but also boost the immune system itself. But what happens to your body if you decide to work out being sick? Let’s find out.

1. There is a risk of health complications.

No one can guess how this or that exercise will affect your body while you’re sick. Make it a rule: if you feel a little unwell avoid intensive training and just try not to overwork during workouts because it can dampen the immune system, increase the risk of getting sick and make the situation even worse.

2. One degree increase of your body temperature highly speeds up the chemical reactions of the organism (muscle catabolism)

Our body requires a certain temperature to function properly. All the metabolism chemical reactions in our organism’s cells also proceed under certain temperature. And if disturb the system by means of training, all the body begins to misbehave.

3. One degree increase of your body temperature speeds up the pulse on 10 beats per 1 min which is harmful to your heart during the workout. 

Our heart is the core of our body. Standing still it works rather gently but during training our body requests grow and the heart has to change to provide the muscles with the oxygen. Thoughtless training while sick can lead to the major damage of your heart.

4. The blood pressure increases during the sickness which may also cause some bad consequences for your health.

You should take care of all the blood pressure changes. And not only during training. If you are sick the blood pressure increases. It can lead to the blood vessels’ explosion. And if it happens in the vital organs it can give rise to serious diseases or even sudden death.

5. The sickness slows down anabolic processes in the muscles and increases the amount of cortisol hormone which destroys them. That’s why it’s useless to exercise.

Loosely speaking, training itself is a muscle breakdown. It means that the cell power potential runs out and cellular constructions called myofibrils suffer. While muscles break, the catabolic reactions are active. There is a process of muscle cells’ recovery after each workout and at this period of time the anabolic reactions are active. If you are sick, these reactions slow down. Does your body need undue stress? No.

6. Hard training reduces your immunity, that’s why the recovery process may slow down.

When you are sick, your immune system is weakened. It struggles with sickness. So what is the point of additional loading for the body by means of training?

Listen to your body no matter what

Let your body be your guide. If you feel that you are not able to work out now, just take a break. Don’t feel guilty about the time away from your workouts. A few days off from exercise while sick won’t kill your progress.

And remember, whatever you do, you do it for yourself!