Best Exercises to Lift Your Breasts

It’s not a secret that one day we all may notice that our breasts have become less perky and it’s ok. We age so does our skin. It loses elasticity and breast tissue gets down. Aging, pregnancy, hormones, body weigh fluctuations also can influence our breasts’ size, shape and the way it looks like.

The breasts anatomy

The breasts consist mainly of fatty tissue and mammary ducts. There are two supportive systems of the breasts and they are ligaments and skin. As time goes by, both of them begin to stretch and it leads to drooping breasts and loose skin. You should remember that ligaments can’t be shortened as they have already been stretched. You can use some products for your skin to repair but it has only a temporary effect.

You can see that there is no muscles covering breasts.

What products can improve breast appearance?

Today’s market is overfilled with products that promise you to tone the breast skin and lift the breasts. But it’s all about the marketing. Keep in mind that collagen and elastin creams have molecules that are too large to get into the skin, so they seem to be almost useless. The grim fact is that all products that are supposed to tighten the skin (for example, some people say caffeine containing creams is a good option) have temporary effect.

What are the first steps to prevent breasts drooping?

If you want your breasts look firming as long as possible, you need to start taking care of yourself from the early age. Try to control your weight.
Being underweight, you should eat foods rich in nutrients and calories to get healthy fats. You can have them from nuts and avocados. Of course, it won’t repair the damage of the ligaments but it will give the breasts a firmer appearance.
If you are overweight, remember that skin may get back some of its tautness. But it depends on how overweight you are, how long you have been in these conditions. Moreover, it also depends on your age and genetics.
I don’t know how many times I’ve already said it but reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is the only way to a healthy body and its appearance.
And please, don’t forget to drink lots of water to provide your skin with elasticity. 

What about exercises?

The fact is that you can’t lift your breasts or affect the shape of them while doing exercises. But developing the muscles underneath your breasts will enhance the appearance of your breasts and make them look perkier and even larger sometimes. Try to work the chest from multiple angles with enough weight. It will increase strength and develop the muscles and thus add a really beautiful shape to the chest.

Pushups, flys and also flat, incline and decline free-weight presses are the best exercises for building the chest muscles. You also should make your workout by combining your back and shoulders exercises. Having a strong back and shoulders means you have a good posture that also can help prevent the rounded shoulders and in the result can make your breasts look even more firming.

I don’t want to upset you but breasts lift exercises don’t work if you actually want to lift them. And surgery seems to be the only way to tighten and really lift the breasts.

So, ladies, if you want to keep your body appearance for a long time, start to care about yourself, about what you eat and how much you are active as early as possible. And now I’m talking not only about the desire to keep your breast size and shape. I mean the whole body. The more you live in harmony with your body, the more balanced your inner and outer life is.

And remember, whatever you do, you do it for yourself!