As you may have already seen, I was interviewed about postpartum SKIN & HAIR care and I promised to share this information with my English speaking audience. So, let’s start.

Have your hair and skin need changes after giving birth? How dramatically has your care tips changed?

The thing I’d like to begin with is that during pregnancy and after giving birth our skin and hair change significantly. That’s why it’s very important to look after these changes and choose the most appropriate care products. I don’t even talk about those sleepless nights which also have impact on our body.

Of course, I began using patches even more often. To tell the truth, it’s rather hard to begin my day without them. My favorite ones are from Patchology.

What beauty products, procedures and gadgets haven’t you been using before, but they’ve become a part of your beauty routine due to the motherhood?

As I’d become a mom, I started using anti-cellulite devices and patches. I also like ice cubes serum. For examples, Anne Semonin’s ice cubes are the best for me. I guess, all things can be useful, especially those that help get rid of everything that reminds me of night dates with the son.

What face products do you use on a daily basis?

After pregnancy I still see some pigmentation on my face and I try to reduce its visibility. As I live in Miami, I don’t take serious measures but I want to share some products that help me beat the pigmentation.


What products do you use and what procedures do you do for your daily hair care?

For my hair I use Kevin Murphy products: the shampoo, the conditioner and the mask. And I love them so much! I also do gloss on a regular basis.

What products do you use and what procedures do you do for your daily body care?

I always do drybrushing and use scrubs. My favorite ones are Refresh, Seaweed Body Polish by Pursoma and Anti-Age Talasso-Scrub by Collistar.
From time to time I also do GUAM anti-cellulite wrapping and use anti-cellulite cream by Clarins together with Nubody anti-cellulite device.

I cannot but mention my favorite combination by NaturaBlisse – Vitamin C scrub and body cream. During pregnancy I was constantly using Body Fit by Clarins.

Could you share your SOS-products and life hacks which help you look your best as fast as possible or due to outing?

When we talk about a body, I think that the most good-looking one with a nice tan and moist skin. I like how works BY TERRY Tea to Tan in this way. As for the face, my favorite product ever and number one musk is Prime Renewing Pack by Valmont.